Incubed Interiors

IN3 (pronounced in-cubed) is a fresh, new concept in the design and delivery of interior environments.

The firm is organized to deliver innovation—in the art and technology of building interiors—in response to the spectrum of social, economic and environmental challenges that confront the AEC industry today.

IN3 is built around a collaborative integrated studio core, structured to provide an unprecedented level of design-assist services as a part of your project design team. Our advanced visualization methods take concepts to full-scale mockups at light speed. Our finely tuned design-assist process includes real-time budgeting, scheduling, and constructibility review to provide the ideal decision-making environment throughout the design process, assuring that each design and material decision is made in the context of cost, schedule, and any other relevant project goals.

The studio is interlaced with an expert operations team, delivering comprehensive design-build services. The result for your project is seamless, complete-scope, single-source project design and delivery, from early conceptual design through procurement, installation and commissioning. The streamlined transition from design to build within the same entity significantly speeds the implementation process, and quiets the concern that what is designed actually gets built. Finally, IN3 is backed by the human and financial resources necessary to assure top quality delivery on time and on budget.

Tell us about your project, and find out what IN3 can do for you.

Full Scope. Single Source.

IN3 can simplify and optimize project workflow by providing comprehensive design and delivery services as a single source — saving time and money.

We have no product axe to grind.

Our focus is solely on providing optimal solutions to your most challenging project requirements. No single company can produce the enormous diversity of materials and products that comprise the indoor environment. Our focus at IN3 is to manage a large and complex supply chain of prequalified vendors, fabricators and material suppliers. We have spent decades developing this supply chain, and it has become our most valuable asset. The quality and scheduling systems of all IN3 vendor partners are rigorously evaluated, and often upgraded to conform to our own demanding standards. This strategy allows IN3 to deliver a full scope of work for virtually any project — any product, material or system — as a single source provider, while taking full responsibility for the quality and timely delivery of all fabricators and suppliers included in our scope of work. What makes this strategy possible is extraordinary operational capability coupled with exceptional financial strength.

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